Bullseye lantern

A bullseye lantern is a light source item which can illuminate darkened areas. It requires 49 Smithing to make the steel frame and 49 Crafting to make the lantern lens; however, a sapphire or an emerald can be used in its place (also requires 49 crafting to do this). 49 Firemaking is required to light it. Bullseye lanterns can also be bought from Miltog in Dorgesh-Kaan for 600 coins.

Glass lantern lens and sapphire lens are removable from the finished lantern. This can be done by using a lens of one type on a lantern that has been finished with a lens of a different type, which will result in the two lens items swapping places. For example, you can use a glass lantern lens on a sapphire lantern to receive a regular bullseye lantern and a sapphire. An emerald lantern lens cannot be swapped out for a glass lantern lens. This does not require 49 crafting.

The lamp oil used for fuel is obtained by distilling swamp tar in the chemist’s house in Rimmington or at the lamp stall in Dorgesh-Kaan.

After filling the lantern with lamp oil a player must use a tinderbox to light the lantern.

Confusingly, there are four different items with the same name, and all but the lit lantern are tradeable. The examine text is different for each:
, Bullseye lanterns can also be stolen from chests in Dorgesh-Kaan, which require either 52 or 78 Thieving (either one yields them very often). They can also be stolen from cave goblins. Some of these methods will still require the use of lamp oil to complete them, however.