Box trap

Box traps are items used in the Hunter skill. Similar to bird snaring, box-trapping involves laying the box and waiting for animals to be trapped.

Box-trapping can be started at level 27 Hunter, and requires completion of Eagles’ Peak quest, after Nickolaus shows the player how to use one.
, After a player sets up a box trap, they will automatically walk one square west to stand next to the trap. However, one may counter this by moving an item in the inventory while setting up the trap. If done correctly, the player will not walk west after setting up the trap. There is also another method to counter this. A player may click at the right time the grid they wish to stand on. This time seems to be right after the box “springs” open, or right before.

In order to obtain a box trap, you can buy them from Aleck (for 38 coins) located in the Hunter shop in Yanille, behind the Magic Guild. You can also obtain one for free at Land’s End, in one of the boxes in the town.

In addition, if a player leaves a shaking box alone for a while, it will collapse. The captured creature will be lost if this happens.

Box-trapping can be done with multiple traps, the highest being 5 box traps at level 80 Hunter.

It is recommended that players bring multiple box traps with them (perhaps 10-15) while hunting. This is because it is easily possible that they may lose a box trap to a longer random event, or they neglect a trap they set up and another player may steal their box trap. You are able to set up an extra trap while in the Wilderness area, making the maximum amount of traps 6.

Box traps can be baited or smoked, both of which increases the rates of success for catching animals. The bait disappears after each successful trap. Many hunters find this to be too much effort or inconvenience, for the small increase in capture rate.

Smoking a trap requires level 39 Hunter. To smoke a trap, you use a lit torch with the already set up trap
, Trapped chinchompas are stackable, and can be used as a multi-target ranged weapon. Chinchompas can be released from the inventory using a right-click option.