Black Mask

Quick Facts

Requirements20 Strength,
10 Defense,
40 combat
High Alchemy1,800
Quest ItemNo
General ExchangeYes
Buy Limit70
POH StorageNo


The black mask is a head slot item which has similar stats to the black med helm but also provides a 16.67% attack and strength boost against all current slayer tasks. It does require 20 strength, 10 defense, and 40 combat to equip.

The mask is dropped by cave horrors which require 58 slayer and completion of Cabin Fever. When dropped the mask has 10 charges which discharge randomly when fighting monsters. The discharge reduces the opponent’s defense by 3 to 10 levels. Once fully drained there is no way to recharge it but the other boosts remain active.

Passive Effects

The mask provides a +16.67% attack and strength buff against the player’s current slayer task.

The upgraded black mask (i) extends the the 16.67% bonus to range and magic attacks.


The black mask can be upgraded to a black mask (i) by using 1,250,000 nightmare zone points to purchase the imbue.

The mask is also required to make a slayer helm along with various slayer items.

Stat Bonuses

-3 magic attack
-1 range attack
+9 stab defense
+10 slash defense
+8 crush defense
-1 magic defense
+9 range defense

Drop Sources

Cave Abomination2061/512
Cave Horror801/512