Bird nest

A bird nest can be found whilst cutting most types of trees, including ent trunks. If a nest appears while a player is cutting a tree, usually a chirping sound will be heard, and a message in the chat box will appear, stating “A bird’s nest falls out of the tree.” On rare occasions (1/250), the Armadyl crossbow special attack will be heard instead of the chirping sound.1 The nest will despawn after 30 seconds if not picked up.

The chance of getting a bird’s nest from a tree is 1/256 each time you would normally get a log, regardless of the type of tree (except redwood trees, which only drop clue nests). Players who equip a woodcutting cape will have an additional 10% chance of receiving bird nests. Contrary to popular belief, wearing a strung rabbit foot does not increase the chances of receiving bird nests, but it does increase the chance of a bird nest containing a bird’s egg.

The nests may contain tree or fruit tree seeds (which are used in Farming), jewellery rings, or bird’s eggs. A bird’s egg can be offered to the shrine in the Woodcutting Guild to receive 100 Prayer experience and a bird nest which always contains seeds.

They can be crushed with a pestle and mortar, resulting in a crushed nest. Both the bird nest and crushed nest are tradeable. Bird nests can be crushed for a fee of 50 coins in Nardah by Wesley.

Crushed nests are used to make saradomin brews.

The probability of receiving each type of seed may be found in the table below. This probability applies only to nests received through woodcutting or rewards from Managing Miscellania. It does not include any nests received from Wyson, but the nests from Wyson do seem to reflect similar data. The chances in the table below are based purely on a sample of 1000 nests as no official rates have been announced.