Basic jewellery box

The Basic jewellery box is built in the Achievement Gallery of a player-owned house, and requires level 81 Construction to build. It allows unlimited teleports to the locations provided by the ring of dueling and games necklace.
, The Basic jewellery box can be upgraded to a Fancy jewellery box which provides additional teleports.

The lowest level you can make a Basic jewellery box at is level 75 Construction, as level 75 Construction is needed to build the Achievement Gallery with a +5 boost from a spicy stew. The +3 boost from a crystal saw cannot be used to build the Achievement Gallery, however this boost can be used to build any level of jewellery box.

The Basic jewellery box is often built as a cheaper and easier to obtain alternative to replenish health, prayer, run energy, and special attack than a Fancy rejuvenation pool or Desert amulet 4 due to the ability to use the Clan Wars teleport provided by the ring of dueling.

The box will allow players to teleport to the following locations (keyboard shortcuts included):