Amulet of the Damned

Quick Facts

High Alchemy34,800
Quest ItemNo
General ExchangeYes
Buy Limit8
POH StorageNo


The amulet of the damned provides extra buffs (benefits) when equipped with a full barrows set. The amulet worn without a barrows set provides the same bonuses as an amulet of glory.

This amulet is obtained from the silver shade chests found within the Shade Catacombs.

The amulet will degrade after use until it turns to dust. Once it degrades, it becomes untradeable. Charges can be combined from multiple amulets.

Passive Effects

Dharok’s set: +25% chance of recoiling 15% of the damage taken. Stacks with Vengeance and a ring of recoil.
Verac’s set: +4 prayer bonus in addition to the +3 offered by the amulet itself.
Torag’s set: +1% defense increase for every 1 lost HP.
Guthan’s set: +10 HP over current level.
Karil’s set: +25% chance of dealing two hits with a single shot where the second hit deals half the damage of the first.
Ahrim’s set: +25% chance of dealing a hit with an additional +30% damage increase. Also, allows Ancient Magicks to be autocasted.

Stat Bonuses

+10 stab attack
+10 slash attack
+10 crush attack
+10 magic attack
+10 range attack
+3 stab defense
+3 slash defense
+3 crush defense
+3 magic defense
+3 range defense
+6 strength
+3 prayer