Amulet of Glory

Quick Facts

High Alchemy10,575
Quest ItemNo
General ExchangeYes
Buy Limit10,000
POH StorageNo


The amulet of glory is a dragonstone amulet which has no requirements to wield and solid stat bonuses. While the glory is comparably inferior to the amulet of fury, the low cost and teleport options make it a popular choice among players.

The amulet can hold 4 teleport charges when recharged at the Heroes’ Guild and 6 charges when recharged with the Fountain of Rune.

An amulet of eternal glory provides unlimited teleports and is rarely obtained when recharging glories at the Fountain of Rune. There is a 1/25,000 chance that the charged amulet will become an eternal amulet.

The glory also increases the chances of finding gems while mining from 1/256 to 1/86 and subsequently speeds up the mining of gem rocks.

There is a trimmed version which can be obtained from hard Treasure Trails chests. The amulet of glory (t) does not provide any additional bonuses or functions.


The amulet of glory can be made with a cut dragonstone, a gold bar, an amulet mold, a ball of wool, 1 cosmic rune, 15 water runes, and 15 earth runes.

This process requires 80 crafting for the amulet itself and 68 magic to perform the level 5 enchantment.

Stat Bonuses

+10 stab attack
+10 slash attack
+10 crush attack
+10 magic attack
+10 range attack
+3 stab defense
+3 slash defense
+3 crush defense
+3 magic defense
+3 range defence
+6 strength
+3 prayer


With 47 construction the amulet can be mounted in a player-owned house within the Quest Hall. This process requires an uncharged amulet of glory, three teak planks, a saw, and a hammer. When built the mounted glory will provide unlimited teleports.


Edgeville Teleport
Draynor Teleport
Karamja Teleport
Al Kharid Teleport