Abyssal Whip

Quick Facts

Requirements70 Attack
High Alchemy72,000
Quest ItemNo
General ExchangeYes
Buy Limit70
POH StorageNo


The abyssal whip is a one-handed melee weapon requiring 70 attack to wield. It is commonly referred to as an ‘abby whip’ or simply ‘whip’ for short.

While the whip’s attack speed matches that of a dagger it lacks the ability to directly train strength. The only option which provides strength experience in combat is the controlled attack which splits all experience received between attack, defense, and strength (along with hitpoints).

The abyssal whip does have a special attack called energy drain. It consumes 50% of the player’s special attack energy and increases accuracy by 25% while also transferring 10% of the target’s run energy to the wielder.


The whip can be upgraded with a kraken tentacle to create the abyssal tentacle which requires level 75 attack to equip but grants an additional 8 slash attack and increases the strength bonus by 4.

Players may also combine volcanic whip mix or frozen whip mix to cosmetically upgrade the whip to either the volcanic abyssal whip or frozen abyssal whip.

Stat Bonuses

+82 slash attack
+82 strength

Drop Sources

Abyssal Sire112/128
Greater Abyssal Demon11/512
Abyssal Demon11/512